SEO For Shops: The 12 Tips Of Xmas

Christmas is coming. I said it. I hate myself for saying it. You likely hate me a little bit for saying it, too, but I am a big guy, and I can take that.
As it goes, I like Christmas. I really do. I have three kids, and it’s an amazing time to spend with them. I don’t, however, like the immediate post-Halloween gear shift into Christmas overdrive that means we have to live with the anticipation of one day for two months.
However, all “bah humbugs” aside, we marketers can’t just bury our heads in the snow — and failing to plan is planning to fail. We must be thinking and acting now to ensure our digital marketing is on point and that we prosper during the festive period.
Shopping: Online, Offline Or Both?
The digital and physical shopping worlds are colliding. Purchases may start online and end up in store. Or purchases may start in store and end up online.
Customers do digital

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