SearchCap: Google Search Console live, Quora ad targeting & Google search app update

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.
From Search Engine Land:

Bing explains how AI-powered intelligent answers can show users two points of view for the same queryFeb 6, 2018 by Barry Schwartz
Multi-perspective answers is another example of how Bing is using artificial intelligence to inform richer search results.

Case study: On-page + off-page SEO working together = successFeb 6, 2018 by Eric Enge
Contributor Eric Enge offers an insightful case study on the positive effects SEO-focused content created by local influencers can have on driving targeted traffic.

Technical SEO in the age of semantic search and GoogleFeb 6, 2018 by Ryan Shelley
Contributor Ryan Shelley explains that technical SEO is more important than ever — but for long-term ranking success, understanding how Google processes data is key.

Google officially announces the new Google Search Console is available for everyoneFeb 6, 2018 by Barry Schwartz
The Search Console UX team shares how

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