Why costs for local SEO campaigns vary

A question I’m often asked in the world of marketing is, “Why do local SEO campaigns vary so greatly in cost?”
I see three clear types of local SEO services, and the price tag associated with each of them correlates directly to the long-term value of the service.
Automated local SEO services
The most basic of local SEO services are automated software platforms. The core of these services is centered around management of citations in the local search ecosystem.
For a monthly or yearly fee, the automated system will typically submit your business info to various data providers and business directories and ensure your business name, address and phone number are consistent across the local ecosystem.
These platforms are typically user-friendly and easy to manage but offer little in the way of long-term value. When you stop paying for the service, they stop maintaining your listings.
I also want to point out that these services alone won’t increase your website rankings — however, they remain a critical

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