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Brief History of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brief History of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A difficult problem with writing a history of search engine optimization (SEO) is the obscure etiology of its birth. By default, the term search engine optimization implies a relevant history must be considered after the development of search engines.Search engine optimization (SEO) can be described as a range of techniques that are used to boost the visibility of websites in search engine results.

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Should You Spend Time and Money on SEO?

Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something.  This is true for many parts of life — your business and internet marketing and search engine optimization included! Don’t assume that SEO is going to be something that will make you more money than it costs you once you start ranking well […]

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Google’s Quality Site Patent

Here is an interesting article about one of Google’s patents that deals with determining the quality of a site for ranking in the Organic results.  It talks about Paid Search as well. Here’s an outline of how they interpret it: I’m not sure if that makes any sense to you, but it sure is a wonky way to talk about it to me!  Google obviously doesn’t want to give away their secrets, but they do want to protect themselves from getting sued by someone else who patents this.  So they get strange Patents that have clues that

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Lavorare a Londra come Web Designer? Opportunità, Ispirazioni, Crescita #DDD18

Lavorare a Londra come Web Designer? Opportunità, Ispirazioni, Crescita #DDD18

Durante i Digital Design Days 2018, ho avuto il piacere di conoscere 3 designer che si sono trasferiti a Londra per lavorare in uno dei centri mondiali del Digital Design.
Abbiamo fatto quattro chiacchere questo è il risultato enjoy :)

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