Search, Content & Customer Experience – Moving Prospects From Awareness To Action

The past two years have been filled with Google algorithm updates designed to improve the user experience.
The Hummingbird update’s intent was to better understand queries so that users could be directed towards more helpful pages. The Penguin and Panda updates both sought to eliminate low-quality content that managed to work its way to top-ranking positions.
Google’s main aim with these algorithm changes is to help the end user find the best content possible. Content drives online marketing efforts, and the customer experience is key to Google’s success.
The customer experience dictates how customers see a brand and how they feel about it. In fact, CMOs questioned for a February 2015 Duke University survey believed that two of consumers’ top three priorities are superior customer service and a trustworthy relationship.
Content for its own sake is out. Content to improve the experience of customers is in.
Your primary goal in developing your content strategy should be communicating with your customers. That means listening to what they have to

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