New EU copyright rules: basic fairness or punitive media subsidy?

Years ago the internet effectively destroyed the once mighty business model of newspapers. It has also put considerable pressure on other traditional media and entertainment, which often argue their work is being pirated and distributed online without fair compensation.
There can be little dispute that journalism is critical to democratic societies. However the question is what do about the business models of legacy media organizations. The recently proposed EU copyright directive has one answer — and it’s one that Google doesn’t like very much.
Here’s what the European Commission says the proposed rules will accomplish:

better choice and access to content online and across borders
improved copyright rules on research, education and inclusion of disabled people
a fairer and sustainable marketplace for creators, the creative industries and the press.

One of the additional objectives of the new rules, which must be approved by the European Parliament, is to harmonize copyright laws across the EU. However, Google says the directive would take the largely

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