Why crawl budget and URL scheduling might impact rankings in website migrations

Earlier this year, Google’s Gary Illyes stated that 30x redirects (301, 302, etc.) do not result in a loss or dilution of PageRank. As you can imagine, many SEOs have greeted this claim with skepticism.
In a recent Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangout, I asked Google’s John Mueller whether perhaps the skepticism was because when SEOs experience loss of visibility during migrations, they might not realize that all signals impacting rankings haven’t passed to the new pages yet, so they assume that PageRank was lost.
Mueller’s reply:
Yeah, I mean, any time you do a bigger change on your website — if you redirect a lot of URLs, if you go from one domain to another, if you change your site structure — then all of that does take time for things to settle down. So, we can follow that pretty quickly, we can definitely forward the signals there, but that doesn’t mean it will happen from one day to the next.
During a migration, Googlebot needs to collect huge

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