How To Replace Google’s (Not Provided) Data To Strike SEO Gold

While it is certainly useful to review organic keyword data in Google Webmaster Tools, it’s not a patch on the level of insightful detail once achievable in Google Analytics back in the days before Google’s move to 100% secure search (a.k.a. “not provided”). I’ve written about the importance of replacing this data before, but given the feedback I’ve received, it’s clear that more detail is in demand.
Mapping traffic behavior for particular keyword phrases though from landing page to exit, or through the conversion funnel, allows for much more powerful insights to be derived. Care for an example? OK.
Let’s say you’re a retailer trying to work out why your purchases for a particular product have fallen off a cliff over the last month. You can see that that all traffic sources are still at the same level. Filtering by channel shows that organic traffic is suddenly bouncing 200% more than in the previous month and is exiting the funnel to contribute

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