How to get the old Google Keyword Planner volume data

Back in June, the AdWords Keyword Planner started displaying the same volume of searches for keywords that were similar. Search Engine Land reported on the anomalies and asked Google about it but didn’t receive a response at the time. Ginny Marvin speculated, and now an AdWords representative has confirmed, that this was caused by close variants.

@tanestis Hi there, terms that are close variants of each other will show the same volumes within the Keyword Planner. -Mitch
— Google AdWords (@adwords) July 21, 2016

Many people and tools are overestimating search volume by adding together the results that AdWords Keyword Planner has already grouped, effectively doubling or tripling volume estimates.
If you’re like me, you want to see more data, not less. You want to be able to determine which version of a keyword you want to target. You know that even small changes to a word can mean huge changes to intent and value.
How do we get our data back?
Using Ginny’s

Search Engine Land Source

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