How marketers’ influence can expand beyond lead gen: Utilizing remarketing for nurturing leads

When it comes to lead generation, quality is the name of the game. A paid media campaign may generate a record number of leads, but if they don’t turn into sales, the media spend has been a waste.
Many marketers feel their hands are tied. Once the lead is generated, the typical nurture process is handed off to the CRM team. Can anything be done — from a media perspective — to assist with the lead nurture process and turn leads into sales? The short answer: Yes!
Here are three steps digital advertisers can take to nurture leads into sales.
1. Utilize RLSA targeting for lead advancement
Remarketing for Search Ads (RLSA) is a great way to reach previous website visitors when they are searching. You can use RLSA to continuously reach prospects after they have completed a lead form.
First, I recommend that you create a remarketing list for users who have filled out your lead form. Second, identify what searches these potential customers

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