Here’s a script to stop ads from showing next to offensive videos

At SMX West a few weeks ago, I was a panelist for the session, “How to Find, Hack, and Build Great Scripts.” I found one of the scripts presented by my co-panelists so interesting I decided it might be worth sharing with everyone here.
This script helps identify low-quality videos on YouTube that are monetized using your video ads. Specifically, it finds videos that have a high ratio of dislikes to likes, indicating it may be content that you’d rather not associate with your brand.
This script uses Google’s newest addition to AdWords Scripts — support for video campaigns — along with one of the advanced APIs for pulling YouTube statistics to solve the problem.
Low-quality video placements
As reported by The Guardian and several other news outlets, Google lost a lot of big brand name advertisers after a recent uproar about ads appearing alongside content promoting extremist and hateful viewpoints.
Unlike ads on search results pages, where we know the ad is appearing

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