Here’s a script to help manage bids by keyword match type.

Some account managers like to use the same keyword in multiple match types in their accounts to get better bid control or to show more relevant ads for queries that are closer to the keyword.
To execute the strategy properly, bids for each match type need to be kept at a certain level relative to the other match types. For example, if the exact match keyword’s max CPC is $1.00, the advertiser may want to bid 80 percent (or $0.80) for phrase match and 60 percent (or $0.60) for broad or modified broad match.
This is called “tiered bidding” or “stacked bidding.” There’s some debate about the merits of the strategy, but ultimately, I believe every advertiser should be able to test it if they want. Since my job at Optmyzr is to give people technology to streamline account management, I wrote an AdWords Script that will check if your bids are following the expected bidding tiers.
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