Google makes 2 ad updates that will affect local search marketers

Google has made changes this week to local search results and Google Maps that will impact retailers and service providers with physical locations.
Ads in Local Finder results
Local SEO specialist Brian Barwig was among those who have noticed the ads appearing in the Local Finder results — reached after clicking “More places” from a local three-pack in the main Google search results.

Its happening!! Ads in the Local Finder. Anyone else seeing this? @JoyanneHawkins @mblumenthal @rustybrick
— Brian Barwig (@BrianBarwig) April 19, 2016

The addition of the ads (more than one ad can display) in the Local Finder results means retailers and service providers that aren’t featured in the local three-pack have a new way of getting to the top of the results if users click through to see more listings. (It also means another haven for organic listings has been infiltrated with advertising.)
The ads in the Local Finder rely on AdWords location extensions just like Google Maps, which started featuring ads that used location extensions when Google updated

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