Google Loses Appeal By AdWords Advertisers In Suit Over Ads On Error Pages

AdWords advertisers have won their appeal of a ruling that denied them class-action status in their suit against Google over ads appearing on error pages and parked domains.
The Ninth District Court of Appeals overturned the 2012 ruling by a US District Court of Northern California judge in appeal case Pulaski & Middleman LLC v. Google Inc. 12-16752. The higher court concluded that the lower court erred in its decision to deny class-action status. The ruling remands the case to a trial judge.
In the district court case, In re Google AdWords Litigation, 5:08-cv-03369, advertisers argued that Google misled them about the types of sites and pages on which their AdWords ads could appear between 2004 and 2008. In March 2008, Google updated the AdWords interface to allow advertisers to opt out of having their ads show on error pages and parked domains when advertising on the Google Display Network.
The advertisers are seeking restitution for the difference between what they paid per click versus

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