Dynamic Ad Extensions: don’t let your sitelinks and callouts get out of date

Even with expanded text ads, there’s still always more information you want to show searchers. That’s why we use ad extensions: callouts add extra info, sitelinks add extra info and links.
But the extra info — and the extra links — may change over time. Maybe you want a callout saying your minimum price, or how big your range is. That’s not going to stay the same over time. Or maybe you want sitelinks to be topical. There’s not much point giving a link to Valentine Gift Ideas when it’s April, or Barbecue Accessories when the weather’s bad, or Freshly Baked Hot Cakes when you’ve just sold out.
AdWords has ad customizers and ad params for constantly updating ad text, but nothing for updating extensions. So Brainlabs (my employer) came up with a two-part solution that we like to call dynamic ad extensions: a Google Sheet to define the sitelinks and callouts with variable placeholders, and the variables to insert

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