A script for getting granular AdWords account anomaly alerts

Many exciting AdWords scripts have been shared on this site over the past couple of years, from scripts that enable hourly dayparting to ones that update bids based on the weather using machine learning and Google’s Prediction API.
I’ve had fun writing some complex scripts like these myself (mine handle bid management and connect inventory with AdWords), but it’s usually my more mundane scripts that get the most response, because let’s face it, more of us are interested in automating the basics and getting those right before we can even afford to spend brain cycles on the more cutting-edge stuff that gets engineers excited.
Case in point: Last month, I shared a script for handling the basic account management task of updating budgets every day to ensure the full allotted amount is spent every month. That script got a great response, so I thought I’d share another automation for one of the more routine tasks all account managers do: detecting

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