3 AdWords extensions now eligible for call-only ads

Over the past few years, extensions have played a major role in the optimization of text ads. Ad extensions help to provide more context than the ad titles and descriptions — typically giving advertisers a boost when it comes to click-through rate. Previously, call-only ads did not display these ad extensions, but starting today, call-only ads will be eligible for three extension types. Not surprisingly, the included extensions aren’t those that require clicks — as the goal of the call-only ads is to increase phone calls.

The three ad extensions available for call-only ads are:
Location extensions
Using location extension can let searchers know where they are calling. This should be a big boon for brands with multiple locations, as it should help to persuade folks to click, knowing that they won’t be going to a national line.
Callout extensions
Callout extensions offer flexibility in providing more detail in an ad, and they are likely to be the most utilized extension with

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