What Time Is The Super Bowl? Google & Bing Are Confused

As Super Bowl 50 approaches, people will begin searching more and more for the starting time (kickoff is 3:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016). But right now, both Google and Bing live in the past, depending on how you ask.
“What Time Is The Super Bowl?” Madness
So many people search for the start time of the Super Bowl each year that news publications have vied against each other for ages to rank tops for the query.
In 2014, Google tried to make it easier for searchers by introducing a direct answer box. Do a search for “when is the super bowl” on Google now, and you can see one of these appearing with the correct day and time for Super Bowl 50:

Last month, the box was getting the day wrong. That’s been fixed. But Google’s woes are back if you search for the Super Bowl 2016 start time in a different and popular way.
Google’s Living Like It’s 2015
On Google, a search right

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