The Qualifier: Brand Protector, Time Saver & Outreach Humanizer

Our imaginary link-building department is bustling with business: the Link Strategist created a campaign, the Content Designer bridged the gaps between brand and opportunity, and if the Prospector did her job right, most outreach targets should be right on topic.
But when you’re working at enterprise scale, “mostly on topic” isn’t close enough. So now it’s the Qualifier’s turn.
The qualifier answers the question, “Do we email the person behind this opportunity or not?”
The answer to this question is as fuzzy as your favorite kitten. It’s full of complications and considerations, which is why the Qualifier needs to be well-informed and well-trained and must come equipped with a healthy dose of common sense.
Why Qualify?

Brand Protection. Qualification happens to protect your brand from looking foolish. As I’ll explain below, machines can fairly easily tell you which sites you shouldn’t reach out to, but only humans can verify which blogs or online linkers actually make sense for the brand. Reaching out to someone who’s a competitor, who’s already in touch with another department or

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