The Importance Of Monthly Versus Rolling Average Search Volume

When it comes to optimizing your content, it is critical to monitor search volume data. Properly optimized content will naturally use keywords to best match the queries of users so that interested parties can find and interact with the brand. When you understand the search volume data for different keywords, you will able to evaluate your market opportunity, as well as the potential demand for your content.
In an attempt to reward sites creating quality content, Google no longer shows you how your site ranks for keywords. However, the fact remains that keywords are still an important part of search and content performance.
Types Of Search Volume Data
Information from Google tends to be the most useful, since the search engine giant manages to dominate the industry. Google alone receives an estimated 64.1 percent of desktop search queries. So when you receive your search volume data from Google, you can trust that this information represents the majority of search engine users.

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