Spammy Structured Markup Penalty & Recovery – Use Schema Markup With Caution!

Schema markup (also known as structured data markup) can be great way to improve search engine content discovery, indexation and organic search visibility. Some structured data markups feed into Google’s Knowledge Graph, appear in local results, and generate Rich Snippets — all of which is great for improving organic search visibility and click-through rate.
But now, structured data can potentially hurt your site if not used correctly, due to recent “spammy structured markup” penalties from Google. In March 2015, Google updated its rating and reviews Rich Snippet policies, stating that these types of snippets must be placed only on specific items, not on “category” or “list of items” landing pages.
In Google’s recent Quality Update, it seems quite a few sites were hit with Structured Data penalties. Here is an example of a manual Structured Data penalty message sent by Google in the Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools).

The penalty message reads as follows:
Spammy structured markup
Markup on some pages on this site appears to use techniques

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