Maile Ohye has left Google

The latest forward-facing Googler to leave the search team is Maile Ohye. She is best known for her talent for conveying complex technical topics in an understandable and actionable manner.
She has produced dozens of Google webmaster videos, spoken at countless marketing and developer events and led many of the Google webmaster related initiatives, including many around the Google Search Console.
Maile joined Google in September 2005 and has been there as a Developer Programs Tech Lead for almost 12 years. She was recently the face behind the video from Google on how to hire an SEO and has been a speaker at many of our SMX events.
She has not stated why she has left the company, nor what her future plans are, but only said farewell on Google+ to some of her coworkers and the community.
Maile is the latest Googler to leave, from a long list of Google employees who have recently left the company. There is no

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