How To Build A Customer-Centric Keyword Strategy

It’s no secret that keyword research is an integral part of crafting a successful SEO strategy. After all, keywords provide us insights into our users and help drive our content strategy.
The challenge is that our keyword strategy must evolve as search evolves. Along with the changes in the search results themselves, we as search marketers must also account for the various ways users can search (voice, mobile, desktop), query length changes, and user expectations.
Query Length & Voice Search
Blue Nile Research released a study at the end of April that looked at how individuals searched. While there is a ton of great data in the report worth checking out, what stood out to me was this:
Blue Nile’s research shows an exact 50-50 split between users who search in fragments (e.g. “swollen ankle”) and those who search in more fully formed terms (e.g. “causes of swollen ankle during sleep”). When it came to questions vs. statements, 27% of respondents phrased

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