Google’s rocky road: Fake news, extremist videos & bad search results [Podcast]

Google is having a rough year. Extremist and hyperpartisan videos have made the term “brand safety” mainstream, as major advertisers pulled their ads from YouTube. Poor search results, like the featured answers for questions like “Are women evil?” or “Did the holocaust happen?” have shined a light on Google’s struggles to identify authoritative sources that can answer searcher questions. The company’s image has taken a hit.
But Google has started fighting back. It’s put new policies in place to govern allowable speech on YouTube, and it’s changed how it’ll penalize publishers whose videos get overrun with unacceptable user comments. It’s also taking steps to improve its search experience, like being more explicit in explaining when it might remove search suggestions and also inviting users to flag troublesome search answers.
Is that enough? In the latest episode of Marketing Land Live, I put that question to our very own Danny Sullivan and Ginny Marvin, both of whom have closely covered

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