Google’s HTTPS algorithm still only looks at the URL to give ranking boost

In August 2014, Google launched their HTTPS ranking boost, where it would give sites that served up their pages on HTTPS a small ranking boost. But did you know that the only signal Google uses to determine if you should get that ranking boost is the first five characters of the URL, the “https” portion?
Google does not look to ensure the certificate is valid or determine if the page has insecure content on the page or give you any of the typical browser warnings you’d get if the page is really not secure. Google will give the ranking boost solely based on the URL, starting with HTTPS.
Gary Illyes, the Googler who wrote the HTTPS ranking boost signal, told us this in part two of our interview with him. He said the HTTPS signal,”basically looking at the first five characters in front of the URL, and if it’s HTTPS and it managed to get in the search results

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