Google To Remove Right-To-Be-Forgotten Links Worldwide, For Searchers In European Countries

Google plans to censor European “Right To Be Forgotten” links on sites worldwide, for those those searching from the specific European countries where particular requests were made. This would make it much harder for those in Europe to switch to non-European versions of Google and still find these links.
The Situation Now: Removals Only From European Editions
Under Europe’s Right To Be Forgotten, Europeans can request that search engines like Google remove links that they consider to violate their privacy or that are deemed harmful in some way and no longer relevant to the public interest. Those requesting removal have to specify both the links they want dropped and the specific search terms they want the links removed from.
If granted, Google will:

Drop the links only for the specific search terms requested. They continue to appear for other search terms.
Drop the links only for its European sites.
Continue to show the links for all searches in Google editions for non-European countries.

To understand more, here’s an example. Let’s say

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