Google tests ‘more results’ mobile search interface and new search refinement buttons

Google has confirmed it is testing a new mobile search interface and a new search refinement button. The new search interface shows fewer search results on the mobile search results page, with the option to click on a button labeled “more results.” In addition, Google is testing showing buttons to refine your search directly in the search results snippets.
A Google spokesperson told us “We constantly experiment with new search formats and experiences to deliver the best experience for our users.”
Dan Brackett shared screen shots with us on Twitter, but many others are noticing these new tests.
‘More results’ feature on Google mobile search
Here is a screen shot showing the “more results” link, often Google is showing as few as two or three organic search results on this page. To see more organic results, you will have to click on the “more results” link, and Google will then dynamically load more search results below.

You can also see the refinements

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