Google officially adds AMP based featured snippets to mobile search results

Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that last week they have rolled out the ability for AMP links to show up in the featured snippets section at the top of the Google mobile search results.
Google tells us this launched last week as some started noticing. Google did confirm again that AMP is still not a search ranking factor. The only change is that the featured snippet result can link to an AMP page.
Here is a screen shot of an AMP link showing in the featured snippets:

Google will still also show no AMP results in the mobile results:

But does Google prefer to show an AMP URL in the featured snippets? Well, as I said before, Google said AMP is not a ranking factor. But if you search for [how to use twitter] on desktop, instead of getting the Forbes result as shown on mobile, it shows a result from Wired, which is not AMP powered.
Here is a

Search Engine Land Source

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