DuckDuckGo Ends 2015 On A High Note, Reaches 12M Searches In A Single Day

Privacy search engine DuckDuckGo reported strong growth in 2015, with search queries reaching a single-day high of 12 million on December 14.
Generating more then 300 million searches during the last month of the year, the site saw its average daily search numbers climb from 7.7 million in January to 10.8 million in December.
In 2015 DuckDuckGo turned seven years old with a total of 20 developer meetup groups… The growth we saw throughout the year culminated in hitting over 12 million direct searches in one day in December.DuckDuckGo Blog
While DuckDuckGo has experienced a steady rate of growth for searches since 2011, the search engine saw a sharp rise during 2015.
DuckDuckGo Direct Queries Per Day

Among its highlights for the year, DuckDuckGo boasted an increase in its meetup groups for developers, as well as open-sourcing much of its front-end code, including its Litestrap framework, Instant Answer templates and common styling elements.
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