Authoritative Links: Search Engine Land’s 10 Top Link Week Columns Of 2015

When Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said earlier this year that webmasters should “try to avoid” link building for SEO, many took this as a clear and unambiguous sign that link building as a practice was done for.
As search engines continue to crack down on spammy and manipulative links, quite a number of search marketers have begun to forgo link building altogether (often in favor of content marketing), fearing that the tactic is simply too risky.
But the fact remains that links are the most important off-page signal for search engine rankings, and strategic link acquisition is therefore critical for effective search engine optimization. For SEO efforts to reach their full potential, businesses and online marketers simply cannot opt out of link building.
It’s no surprise, then, that readers were very interested in how to build links in a safe and white-hat manner — and Neil Patel’s piece on how to do just that earned top honors within the Link Week columns this year.
As technology improves and automation becomes the norm, columnists also

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