7 proactive ways to jump-start your SEO before a site launch

You’re about to launch your new website. You have a fantastic idea/product and a great team. You understand the basics of SEO. But you think you cannot do SEO without a live site. It is impossible, right?
Actually… no!
It is more than possible. In fact, it is critical.
Way too often, website owners fail to do pre-launch SEO. This results in a poor index of their site. So instead of jumping up in the rankings, their site is ignored by Google and the other search engines and buried deep in the results. They then are stuck with a long climb, even, in many cases, for their branded terms.
Following are seven smart ways to jump-start your SEO before your site launch, and I’m going to show you exactly how to implement each one.
1. Create a “coming soon” page and optimize the basics
Creating a strong, optimized “coming soon” page should be one of the very first things you do as you contemplate your

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