13 link opportunities to pursue now

Link acquisition is hard.
There are a number of unique challenges in link building, which are made even more difficult since most SEO programs only allocate a small portion of their budget to link building.
Links are still not guaranteed, even when you have incredible, compelling content to share. According to a study conducted by BuzzSumo and Moz:
When we looked at a bigger sample of 757,317 well shared posts we found over 50% of these posts still had zero external links. Thus (sic) suggests while many posts acquire shares, they find it far harder to acquire links.
So even if your content is popular and achieves a healthy number of social shares, links are far from guaranteed.
That’s why intentional link acquisition is important. It’s not impossible to strategically secure worthwhile links for your site — in fact, you likely have a number of link opportunities worth pursuing.
Here are 10 (plus a few extra!) link opportunities — with real-life examples — that you might be

Search Engine Land Source

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