1,000 ways to redirect

If there’s one issue that strikes dread into the hearts of SEO practitioners more than any other, it’s redirects.
It’s no surprise, really. After all, there are so many ways to do redirects — and the rules change depending on where they are put in and the different systems in place.
What is a redirect?
A redirect uses one of many methods to forward from one URL to another and supports canonicalization of signals (such as links) to the correct page.
Forwarding users is usually one of the main considerations for redirects, but as SEOs, we also need to be conscious of the signals being passed. Redirects are one tool for consolidating signals like links and passing them from one page to another.
I know people have varying opinions on how long redirects should be in place, and many use the formula of “no traffic through the link in x amount of time” as a guideline to delete redirects. But I’ve said it before,

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