Using PPC brand protection to decrease campaign costs by 51%

Search marketers with whom I consult like to complain about how giant improvements in PPC growth are behind us. They fondly recall the glory days of the 2000s when the immature PPC market allowed savvy marketers to boost PPC revenue a ton using simple tweaks to keywords or bidding strategies.
I recently completed a series here on Search Engine Land that made the case that there are still big gains to be made if you know where to focus. The eight-part series showed how branded keyword protection is this year’s secret weapon to achieving the monster revenue growth we miss so dearly.
The impetus for this series was how PPC brand protection is changing, but I’ve noticed that most marketers are not keeping up. Here’s the brand defense story I presented:

Optimization tactics have come and gone since the days of five-cent bids, and we’ve discovered that PPC brand bidding is the next tactic for driving meaningful revenue gains.
Branded keywords

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