Updating your SEM toolbox with new, shiny tools –- SMX East 2016

Ask any PPC manager how they do their job well, and, aside from their skill set, they’ll name the tools that give them the data they need and the time in their day to drive strategy.
In this session from SMX East 2016: “Updating Your SEM Toolbox with New, Shiny Tools,” Moderator Matt Van Wagner of Find Me Faster was joined by speakers Brad Geddes (@bgTheory) of AdAlysis, Daniel Gilbert (@dangilbertppc) of Brainlabs and Sahil Jain (@sahilio) of AdStage to share what SEM tools they rely on, and what shiny new tools they are most excited about.
Secrets of PPC productivity
First up was Brad Geddes with the secrets of PPC productivity, and he contends that time management is the key to good PPC management. There are so many tools out there, he says, and success is often determined not by what you use but when you use them.
Geddes believes that collaboration tools should be considered PPC tools — this includes things like

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