2017 SEM growth hacks: Monster growth from brand protection

Today’s article presents one of the more powerful search growth attack strategies for 2017: PPC (pay per click) brand protection.
This article is the first in my eight-part series presenting SEM marketers with the most effective growth hacks for 2017.
As CEO of the ad monitoring company, The Search Monitor, I see the ads, campaign strategies and performance results from agency and brand clients. In this series, I will use this data to present the best growth hacks for 2017.
Why does brand protection matter?
An ongoing and serious problem threatening your SEM revenue is competition from affiliates and competitors bidding on your valuable, high-converting branded keywords. The result of the increased number of advertisers competing against you is obvious: higher CPCs (costs per click), lower clicks and a lower click-through rate (CTR). We estimate that each competitor with ads running on your brand or brand-plus keyword terms costs you a 10 percent loss in clicks and a 20 percent increase in

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