Google Search App For iOS Gets New Voice Search Look & Improved Google Now Cards

Google has quietly released version 10.0 of the iOS Google Search App, and they did make a brief mention of it on Google+.
The new version makes the branding more consistent with the new logo and branding, adding a fresh look for the voice search capability in the app. You know, how the animation works with the new dots and G logo when voice search operates.
Other noticeable changes include the redesigned Google Now cards: there are more of them, the design is cleaner and Google tells us they are even smarter. The new structure for the Google Now cards is new on iOS, bringing it in line with the Android version. It has a better structure to make it more predictable where you find what content, and cards move up and down depending on how important they are at any given time. For example, the weather card will be near the top in the morning, but as you

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