YP brings search and location data together in “audience cartography”

Local search provider YP has introduced a new location data offering it calls “Audience Cartography.” While designed for mobile display (mostly in-app) advertising, the company incorporates local search intent data into the mix of signals it uses for audience targeting.
Here’s how YP describes the new offering:
[A] proprietary methodology powering our Enhanced Mobile Targeting display solution for national brands, using first party search intent and mobile location data to develop unique insights on both target audiences and their actions. These insights make it possible for marketers to refine their targeting efforts across multiple media channels in real-time, leading to more effective mobile marketing campaigns and greater online-to-offline conversions.
Location history (and search) data are combined for audience identification and segmentation. It also enables offline attribution based on a control and exposed methodology. At a high level, it resembles other solutions in the market, some of which I previously identified in a post yesterday about a partnership between Cuebiq and

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