How to manage local listings for enterprise brands

When it comes to local listings management, there’s a direct correlation between the number of listings you manage and the amount of grumbling, cursing and general hand-wringing you do.
It isn’t easy for enterprise brands to get their location data in order. Juggling the info for hundreds or thousands of locations can quickly become overwhelming. And it’s not uncommon for enterprise brands to feel like they’re playing SEO whack-a-mole, constantly beating down duplicate listings, inaccurate data and any local search changes that inevitably pop up from Google.
Fortunately, there are steps enterprise brands can take to tame their unruly location data and prevent it from getting out of hand in the future.
The unique challenges facing enterprise local listings management
For enterprise brands just starting to get their location data in order, local listings problems can typically be boiled down into two categories:

an overwhelming, baffling, disparate, inaccurate and outright maddening heap of location data; and
human nature’s basic resistance to change.

I’ll address

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