Search Engine Land’s Community Corner: Charity selected for 2018 Search Engine Land Awards

It’s hard to imagine the search community evolving as it has without the support and active participation of Matt Cutts. Those newer to search marketing may never have had the opportunity to meet Google’s Distinguished Engineer and get to know what a thoughtful, kind and open participant he was with the SEO community in particular. I’m honored to have been able to get to know and spend as much time with him as I did while he was still with Google. He suffered an unimaginable tragedy last week, and we as a community rallied around him to help in ways large and small and let him know he remains an important part our industry.
Following the unexpected passing of Matt’s beloved wife Cindy, our community immediately offered heartfelt support for Matt in a tremendously difficult time, with search professionals around the globe letting Matt know just how much he has meant to our industry at large. Dixon Jones,

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