Introducing the Search Engine Land Community Corner

The search community has long fostered collaboration, knowledge sharing and comraderie among its members. Beginning today, we’re going to regularly feature news about what people are up to, where they’re headed, awards received and other notes about those that make up our diverse industry. Keep an eye on our “Community Corner” feature to stay up to date with your colleagues.
To kick off this new feature, we’ll be rounding up the first set of “Honor an SEO/SEM” nominees that have been submitted by community members at Search Engine Roundtable.
Ross Dunn: Truly an “OG” (original gangster ☺) in the world of SEO, Ross has been helping businesses with SERP success since 1997. He was nominated by Jim Hedger, which itself speaks volumes for his contributions to our community. Get to know more about Ross here.
Jill Whalen: Jill was one of the first SEOs I recall meeting — at the very first Google Dance. Fiercely smart and always kind, she’s

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