Wimbledon championship Google doodle marks 140th anniversary of world’s oldest tennis tournament

Google is celebrating the first day of the Wimbledon championships today with an animated image to mark the tennis tournament’s 140th anniversary.
The doodle was designed by doodler Gerben Steenks and leads to a search for “Wimbledon championship.” The top right corner of the image includes a tribute to the Rufus the Hawk, a mainstay at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, tasked with keeping the courts clear of pigeons during game-play.
From the Google Doodle Blog:
Like all British institutions, Wimbledon has its endearing quirks. Keep an eye out for the beloved Rufus the Hawk (featured in the Doodle), who dutifully shoos away any pigeons who land on the court during a match. And if you’re wondering what the spectators are snacking on, it’s strawberries and cream — 28,000kg every year!
You can find Rufus in the top right corner of the animated image noting the tournament’s 140th year:

Before going with the final tennis court artwork, Google considered two

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