Where is Santa Claus? Your 2016 guide to Santa trackers from NORAD & Google

Where’s Santa Claus? When will Father Christmas arrive? Millions of children around the world are asking these and similar questions on Christmas Eve. To help, two there are two great services that stand ready: NORAD Tracks Santa and Google Santa Tracker.
As usual, Search Engine Land stands ready with its own tradition, to guide you to get the best from the services. Below, discover how to track Santa whether you’re using the web, a smartphone, watching TV or even if you want to make a voice telephone call.
The Santa trackers & how they began
There are many Santa tracking services out there, but we recommend the two below for 2016 as both are dependable, safe and will serve you well:

NORAD Tracks Santa
Google Santa Tracker

How did NORAD and Google get into the Santa tracking business It began with NORAD and a wrong phone number in this ad:
The ad with phone number misprint that got NORAD tracking Santa Claus (source: NORAD)
NORAD is the acronym for the North American

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