Top 5 Web Design Mistakes | Design Mistakes I Have Made A Lot

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes | Design Mistakes I Have Made A Lot

In today’s video I talk about the top five most common mistakes made when designing a website.Remember to Subscribe

Designing websites is hard, and takes a lot of practice to get it right. If you’re anything like me you’ve made plenty of mistakes while designing websites. I think it’s important to Point out common mistakes so we can transition those mistakes into success. In the video I talk about common mistakes, show examples of what I’m talking about, and propose some remedies for those mistakes.

Top five web design mistakes:
1. Poor readability and legibility
2. Messy content layout
3. Bad navigation
4. Inconsistent Design
5. Too many animations

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Vale a pena ser Web Designer? Tem trabalho na área de Web Design?

Vale a pena ser Web Designer? Tem trabalho na área de Web Design?

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Será que vale a pena ser Web Designer? Será que ainda vale a pena trabalhar com Web Design? Será que ainda existem oportunidades mesmo a existência de softwares como Wix e afins?

Normalmente são esses tipos de dúvidas que assolam quem deseja ingressar na área. Então eu criei um vídeo onde eu falo sobre isso e sobre como o crescimento da internet pode resultar em oportunidades para quem trabalha na criação para o meio digital.

A realidade é quem existem oportunidades e ainda vale a pena ser Web Designer. É claro que não está fácil para ninguém, mas normalmente a área de tecnologia é afetada um pouco menos. E se você quiser comprovar isso, basta fazer uma rápida pesquisa no Google.

Falta mão de obra de qualidade para Web Design. E você pode somar tudo isso com o atraso do Brasil nessas áreas. É tudo muito recente no mundo, se comparado com outras profissões, principalmente aqui em terras tupiniquins.

Então assista o vídeo abaixo e tire as sua próprias conclusões:

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Essential Web Design Resources | CharliMarieTV

Essential Web Design Resources | CharliMarieTV

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If you’re a web designer, or if you’re just stepping out into the world of web design, I hope this video filled with resources comes in handy. Links to all of the resources are below, and please let me know if you’re interested in a Sketch for beginners video!


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The Designers Foundry:


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How to become a web developer VS Web Designer | Full web development career advice

How to become a web developer VS Web Designer | Full web development career advice

How to become a web developer | Full web development career advice. You want to become a front end web developer?

Check out my courses on udemy below:

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1) do you know how to become a front end web developer?
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2). Do you want to learn how to become a backend web developer?
Check out my other videos on becoming a web developer from the scratch in my backend development for beginners.

3). Don’t know what is a front end web development?
People now a days really doesn’t know the true meaning of becoming a web developer. i can give you a better career advice in web development. Plus the benefit of watching my youtube video is, you get to learn a lot of stuff for free. So join me in my udemy courses.

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3D web design for beginners – Webflow CSS tutorial

3D web design for beginners – Webflow CSS tutorial

With the vast majority of the web existing squarely in two dimensions, expanding your design practice into 3D can take some time to wrap your head around. In this video, we’ll explain some of the basic concepts behind working with 3D on the web. We’ll expand on this info in our videos on 2D & 3D transforms and 3D perspective.

3D transforms (move, rotate, scale, and skew) – Webflow CSS tutorial:

Enabling 3D perspective – Webflow CSS tutorial:


Get started with Webflow:

Web design speed art 🍋

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Продолжаю рубрику Web design speed art. На этот раз сделаем часть концепции промо-страницы в рамках моего дизайн челленджа. Ставь лайк, если видео было интересно и не забудь оставить комментарий) На данный момент это лучшая мотивация для следующих видео.


Стримы, вебинары по веб-дизайну

Дизайн в соц.сетях

Полезные фишки и уроки по фотошопу

Сервисы и плагины для бизнеса

Блог на вордпресс с нуля

Про Mock up (смарт-объекты)

Дизайн процессы (ускоренное видео)

Обучение веб-дизайну для начинающих

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Is Web Design still Good to Learn in 2018?

Is Web Design still Good to Learn in 2018?

Learn web development fast – become a pro nerd now!

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web designer salary in india ! web designer ko paise kitne milte hain

web designer salary in india ! web designer ko paise kitne milte hain

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Design Fundamentals: Web Design Live Work Session

Design Fundamentals: Web Design Live Work Session

Last time on Backseat Designing: Molly received a verbal back-lashing for forgetting her Illustrator keyboard shortcuts. Today, Molly goes in for round two. This time she”ll be designing the website of The Futur! Will she nail her shortcuts? Can you?

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