Report: Customer satisfaction with search drops, in social Google+ beats Facebook

Earlier this week the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released its “e-business” report. The category includes search, social media and news and information sites. Social media held steady, while the search and online news sectors declined vs. last year.
In the aggregate “search engines” dropped in customer satisfaction by 1.3 points. Microsoft properties (MSN, Bing) suffered the largest declines vs. 2016 of 4 and 3 points respectively. Google was off two points compared to last year.

The best score Google has received, since measurement began in 2002, is 86 (out of 100). The first year ACSI measured Google satisfaction it received a score of 80.
Social media as a category was stable; however there was movement among the individual players. Surprisingly, Google+ captured the highest satisfaction level of the group, with 81 points. The report attributes this to its redesign and the addition of new features.
Pinterest gained two points to capture the second highest score (78). Twitter, however, was the

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Getting Social With Search Engine Land: Our Most Engaging Stories Of 2015

Well readers, if you can even believe it, the year will be over in a mere 48-ish hours, and as it ends, 2016 will begin. It seems like just yesterday, experts were casting predictions for what 2015 would hold for the world of search. If we have learned anything over the past 12 months (and surely, we have learned a lot!), it is that time moves pretty dang fast. (Hello? 2016, already?!) But it’s not just time that moves quickly. It’s technology. And every year, its pace seems to double.
Yes, one of the most remarkable things about our industry surely is the incredible speed at which it evolves. New platforms, channels, tools and tactics emerge every single day, and it’s our job as cutting-edge professionals to stay as up to speed as possible. Daily digests like our SearchCap and Marketing Day can help keep us abreast of search, social and all-around digital marketing news as it happens, but as we enter

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Google Now Indexing 466% More Tweets, Still Favoring Higher Authority Users [Study]

Earlier this year, Google gained access to Twitter data thanks to a new deal between the two digital giants. However, initial findings showed that Tweets were being indexed at a very low rate, with just 0.6% of Tweets indexed in February. As the Twitter deal has begun to roll out, Google has begun to index far more Tweets according to a report from Stone Temple Consulting.

From February to June, Stone Temple found a 466% increase in Tweets indexed within the first seven days. In February, just 0.6% of Tweets were indexed and last month that number shot to 3.4%. While these increases are promising, there is still more than 96% of Tweets that aren’t indexed.
Similar to previous findings, Google still has a major bias towards Twitter accounts with a high follower account and more so to those with a higher “Social Authority.” In the full report, Stone Temple shows that it may not be all about follower count, and there is a

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