IAB: desktop and mobile paid search bring in roughly half of 2015 digital ad revenue

Earlier today the IAB released its Q4 and full year 2015 digital ad revenue report for the US market. Online ad spending last year was worth nearly $60 billion ($59.6 billion), which represented more than 20 percent growth over 2014.
Below is the 2015 breakdown by ad category:

Desktop-based paid search brought in 34 percent of total ad revenue or roughly $20.3 billion. This was down from 38 percent a year ago. However real dollars grew by more than $1 billion over 2014.
Mobile ad revenue was approximately 35 percent of the 2015 total or $20.8 billion, a 66 percent increase from the 2014 total ($12.5 billion). Of the 2015 mobile total, 43 percent ($8.9 billion) was from paid search.
The combined value of paid search on the desktop and in mobile was roughly $29.2 billion in 2015. Accordingly, the total search market represented approximately 49 percent of total digital ad revenue in 2015. By comparison, the combined value of desktop

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US Paid Search Growing But At Slower Rate, Google Brand CPCs Surge [Report]

Source: Merkle RKG
Search ad spend growth slowed in the US, rising 14 percent year-over-year in Q2 for Merkle RKG’s predominantly large retail clients. The firm’s latest Digital Marketing Report says that higher CPCs hindered click growth for the quarter as advertisers aimed to maintain efficiencies in their search programs.
Clicks rose just 3 percent in Q2, down 14 percent from the prior year. CPCs climbed again, rising 11 percent year-over-year in Q2.
Tablet click growth slowed to an increase of just 1 percent, while phone click volume rose 35 percent year-over-year. Overall, tablets and phones generated 41 percent of search ad clicks and accounted for 31 percent of spend.
Phone revenue-per-click is slowly improving. In Q2, RPC for phones was 58 percent lower than on desktop, compared to 66 percent a year ago.
Google: Growth Slowing; Steep Rise In Brand CPCs
Google’s share of the paid search market among Merkle RKG clients fell from the previous year but remained steady from Q1. The year-over-year decline is in

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IAB: Search Was 50% Of US Digital Ad Spend In 2014, Desktop Still Bigger Than Mobile

The figures are in, and once again, search marketing is a powerhouse. According to the IAB, search made up 50% of all digital ad spend last year in the United States.
Over on Marketing Land, we have the full-breakdown of the figures: Digital Ad Spend Hits New $49.5 Billion High In 2014; Mobile & Social See Greatest Growth. While channels like social and mobile saw more growth, search remained the biggest spend overall.
I’m still working up some figures on the search growth story. It’s complicated, because the IAB doesn’t release an overall “search” figure. Instead, it releases a desktop search figure that it calls “search,” which for 2014 amounted to $19 billion in spend, or 38% over the overall ad spend. In its ad formats chart, from the IAB’s full report, you can see how mobile search is pulled out of “search” and tucked inside the mobile slice:

In that chart above, the IAB also oddly subtracts another percent

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