The holidays arrived early for local marketers

The holiday season has arrived early for locally focused marketers. Consider the developments that have occurred just in the past week:

Google My Business API added new features, including the ability to manage your Google Posts.
Facebook announced a number of tools and partnerships supporting local discovery, including booking and food ordering.
Google said it now has 50 million Local Guides adding content to Google Maps and search.
Yext started an initiative to verticalize local business listings syndication with “Yext for Food.”

If you spend a lot of time trying to appeal to a locals-only market, SMX East features a number of sessions that you’ll find valuable above and beyond the great content you’ll experience over the full three days of the conference.
Dan Leibson of Local SEO Guide will walk you through the results of The Definitive Guide To Local Search Ranking Factors, one of the largest-ever statistical studies of the local search ranking factors. He’ll show you what they’ve learned about

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Faster & smarter: Moving from manual to automated SEM campaign management

Automating SEM campaigns is a smart move, thanks to the benefits you reap from eliminating drudge work, but also from the reductions in potential execution errors. Google has consistently built new tools that help with automation, and has recently beefed up capabilities within AdWords.
As Frederick Vallaeys recently wrote on Search Engine Land, AdWords Scripts are now available in the new AdWords interface, giving users a visual refresh, as well as some new capabilities that make management a bit easier, especially for advertisers with lots of scripts in their accounts.
With the new additions, you can see up to 500 script logs per page and filter by date, see a more precise time when a script will run, see who added a script to the account, filter scripts based on name or who created it and much more.
Want to learn more about automating your SEM campaigns? At SMX East, start with the all-new session, “Faster & smarter: Moving from

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SEO ranking factors: What’s important, what’s not

This week, Google celebrated its 19th birthday. A lot has changed in nearly two decades. Rather than relying primarily on PageRank to evaluate the quality of web pages, Google now uses a whole array of techniques to suggest a wide range of content in response to queries, from simple direct answers to multimedia audio and video files.
With loads of guesswork and assumptions, the debate about Google ranking factors is never-ending and evolves with every algorithm update. What’s on the rise, what’s on the decline, and what still works?
At SMX East, several sessions look closely at today’s most important ranking considerations. In SEO Ranking Factors In 2017: What’s Important, What’s Not, you’ll hear the results of comprehensive studies undertaken by Searchmetrics and SEMRush, which looked at millions of sites to determine what separated winners from losers. You’ll also hear a case study from Herndon Hasty, SEO for the Container Store, which battles with formidable competition from Amazon, Walmart

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Why going global is essential to your business

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it’s becoming more vital than ever for virtually all businesses, regardless of size, to have a global online presence. As Search Engine Land columnist Brendan McGonigle rightly notes, if you only advertise in the United States, you’re missing out on billions of potential customers. But taking a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it.
For example, while Google has a considerable presence in Russia, you won’t want to overlook the SEO and SEM options offered by market leader Yandex. And if you want to venture into China, it’s critical to know the ins and outs of the dominant search platform that serves the country, Baidu.
At SMX East, three acknowledged global search marketing experts will discuss how to jump-start your multinational campaigns. In “Why Going Global Is Essential To Your Business,” you’ll hear Frederic Schaub, a partner at the Swiss-based Consultancy Group and former senior manager of global strategy for Marriott Digital Services, discuss the

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New goodies for online retailers at SMX East

If you’re an online retailer, you’re already ramping up for the busy holiday season ahead. The good news is that Google has rolled out several new features to AdWords to help with your shopping campaigns.
As reported by Ginny Marvin on Search Engine Land, the new AdWords features include a new metric, called absolute top impression share, and a new diagnostics report lets advertisers dig deeper into product status issues in AdWords.

Learn about these and other features exclusive to the new AdWords interface that are rolling out to advertisers through this year at the Shopping Campaign Tips Tricks You’ll Want To Own session at SMX East, where our SEM experts will share tips and strategies to systematically and creatively cultivate your Bing and Google shopping campaigns into healthy, productive year-round ROAS generators.
Other sessions you’ll want to attend at SMX East include:
Finding Feed-Driven Retail Success Beyond Bing & Google – In this session, our expert speakers discuss opportunities on

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Inside the new Google Search Console at SMX East

If you’re an SEO, odds are good that you live and breathe inside the Google Search Console every day. The good news is that Google is about to significantly upgrade the Search Console with an extensive redesign to better serve you.
As reported by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land, Google’s new Search Console will:

Provide more actionable insights
Offer better support of your organizational workflow, and
Enable faster feedback loops between you and Google.

Want to learn more about how Google interacts with your site and content or about its algorithms, ranking factors and other components of Google’s “black box?” Attend the AMA With Google Search session at SMX East, where Googlers – including members of the Search Console team – answer your questions about SEO and related issues. This popular panel is always lively and informative, and a great way to get direct answers from Google insiders.
Other deep dives at SMX East related to the rich features of the

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