Should You Spend Time and Money on SEO?

Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something.  This is true for many parts of life — your business and internet marketing and search engine optimization included! Don’t assume that SEO is going to be something that will make you more money than it costs you once you start ranking well […]

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Google’s Quality Site Patent

Here is an interesting article about one of Google’s patents that deals with determining the quality of a site for ranking in the Organic results.  It talks about Paid Search as well. Here’s an outline of how they interpret it: I’m not sure if that makes any sense to you, but it sure is a wonky way to talk about it to me!  Google obviously doesn’t want to give away their secrets, but they do want to protect themselves from getting sued by someone else who patents this.  So they get strange Patents that have clues that

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Is my 6 month old “Undying SEO Principles” still valid?

I just re-watched this old video of mine talking about undying or core search engine optimization concepts or principles:I have grown in my SEO abilities a great amount in the last 6 months, but all of these have held true and appear to be holding true for a long time to come!If you have not watched the video yet, I suggest you do so now!Shhh…there are SEO secrets in the video!  

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Mobile Friendly Web Design for SEO FAQ

Many people have lots of complex questions regarding Mobile Friendly Web Design for Search Engine Optimization to make sure Google doesn’t penalize their site.  Just as important, they want to make sure their visitors on mobile devices don’t get turned off by the design.Using WordPress for SEO definitely helps make mobile web design easier.Here’s a video I shot with more more details:If you want to check Google’s view of your website’s mobile friendliness, click here.This is what it looks like:

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Hit by a Penalty by Google? Panda and Penguin Penalties Explained

Have you had a sudden drop in your SEO Organic traffic from Google?Watch this video if you would like to know a bit about what is happening:I’ve brought back sites from being on Google’s hit list with my penalty recovery processes.Contact me if this has happened to you and you would like to know what is going on with your website.Panda and Penguin Penalty recovery

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SEO Services

Buying SEO Services to market your website on Google is very risk these days.  If you live/work in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, then this SEO Geek can be a great resource:

There are lots and lots of stories of companies paying for Search Engine Optimization Services and getting no rankings on Google or the other Search Engines!