Direct answer fail: Google gives only one side of proposed gun ammo & magazine law

Want to know about California’s Proposition 63, a measure to control gun ammunition sales and large magazines, which is on the state ballot this month? Google has the answer. It’s a “deceptive ballot initiative that will criminalize millions of law-abiding Californians.” So much for balanced search results.
Google presents that answer at the very top of its results, when searching for “Prop 63” or “Proposition 63,” as shown below:

To answer “What’s happening here,” as Medium CEO Ev Williams asked when spotting this four days ago: for all its smarts, Google is still pretty dumb.
Over the years, Google has increased the frequency of showing direct answers in its search results — something it calls “Featured Snippets.” The idea is that mobile users especially want fast facts, not to have to click through to a website.
That’s even a potential advantage in its forthcoming Google Home assistant. It should allow Google Home to answer questions well beyond rival Amazon Echo, because Google will rely

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What Time Is The Super Bowl? Google & Bing Are Confused

As Super Bowl 50 approaches, people will begin searching more and more for the starting time (kickoff is 3:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016). But right now, both Google and Bing live in the past, depending on how you ask.
“What Time Is The Super Bowl?” Madness
So many people search for the start time of the Super Bowl each year that news publications have vied against each other for ages to rank tops for the query.
In 2014, Google tried to make it easier for searchers by introducing a direct answer box. Do a search for “when is the super bowl” on Google now, and you can see one of these appearing with the correct day and time for Super Bowl 50:

Last month, the box was getting the day wrong. That’s been fixed. But Google’s woes are back if you search for the Super Bowl 2016 start time in a different and popular way.
Google’s Living Like It’s 2015
On Google, a search right

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Google’s Not Sure What Day Super Bowl 50 Is Happening In 2016

Wondering when the Super Bowl is being held next year? Don’t depend on Google. The search engine can’t seem to make up its mind.
For the record, Super Bowl 50 will be held on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016. The exact time still seems not to have been set. But if you ask Google, it sometimes gives the right location (Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California) but the wrong date of Saturday, Feb. 6:

As you can see above, Google’s direct answer for “when is the super bowl” shows Super Bowl 50 happening on Feb. 6. Oddly, Google also bolds what it considers to be a match for that search in the description from the official NFL site for the Super Bowl. That bolded answer is the correct date, Feb. 7.
Google’s archrival Bing gets it right:

Occasionally, Google does appear to be getting the date correct. Some of our Search Engine Land editors see the right date, especially those on the East Coast.

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Google Snubs & Bing Embraces The 2015 Rugby World Cup

Photo from Rugby World Cup site.
Looking to get the latest information on the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which began today and runs through October? Don’t google it. Bing it — because Bing’s got scores, line-ups and information while Google has nothing.
Search for “rugby world cup” on Bing, and you get the latest scores of any matches:

That includes a link to the current standings. You can also click from the box to various days to see upcoming matches, along with Bing’s prediction of who will win:

Google has no special display like this. Google has done this type of thing for other national and international events, but rugby doesn’t appear to earn that respect.
Google earlier snubbed the FIFA Women’s World Cup in not providing a special display on desktop and iOS devices. Android users did get a special display. But for the Rugby World Cup, there’s not even anything special for Android.
Google’s also not giving the event a special doodle

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Google: FIFA Women’s World Cup Results Are For Android-Only

Looking for the latest results from Google for the 2016 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament? On Android, you’ll get a special section at the top of the search page. But on iOS and desktop, Google has no such special feature. That’s in contrast to how things worked for the 2014 FIFA Men’s World Cup.
On Friday, we reported how Google was inconsistently showing match results. Some searching for “world cup” would get them; others wouldn’t. Now the mystery is solved. Google said it only shows these special results on Android.
You can see an example of the difference below. On the left is what you get when you search for “world cup” on iOS, even when using Chrome. In response, you get standard “blue links” but no results. On the right, a search on Android, where the search page is topped with the latest results, with the ability to interactively click into them for more information:

For the FIFA Men’s

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For FIFA Women’s World Cup, Google Gives Women Less Space Than Men

It’s pretty expected at this point. If there’s a major sporting event, you can search for it by name on Google and get a special box with scores at the top of the search results. That’s what happened for the FIFA Men’s World Cup in 2014. But for the FIFA Women’s World Cup happening now, Google been poor in providing parity.
In 2014, a search for “world cup” when the men’s tournament happened generated special result boxes like this:

But for the women’s tournament happening now, no such special treatment is happening for me on desktop.

Other Search Engine Land staffers also report that special results are lacking on desktop.
On mobile, I also don’t get anything special. This matches up with what some on Twitter have reported:

@ussoccer_wnt @google provides the schedule for every sport. No mention of @FIFAWWC matches? #whataboutwomen
— Nora Orton (@ortonantivirus) June 12, 2015

Some Search Engine Land staffers also report nothing special on mobile though one did

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