Pinterest’s Lens update adds a Snapchat-style look and a fashion sense

Pinterest wants to do for visual search what Google has done for text search. But to do that, Pinterest needs to make searching by taking a picture as easy as typing on a keyboard. So the search-slash-social platform continues to tweak its three-month-old in-app visual search tool, Lens.
Pinterest’s latest updates to Lens, announced on Wednesday, make the image-scanning feature easier to handle and handier for fashion.
For starters, Pinterest is updating the look of Lens. Of course that means it’s becoming more Snapchatty. When people open Lens by tapping the camera icon on the search page in Pinterest’s app, they will be shown a full-screen viewfinder a la Snapchat’s main screen. And like Snapchat’s camera screen, Lens’s new screen sports a capture button at the bottom for people to snap a photo for the visual search tool to scan.
Lens’s updated interface
More important than Lens’s familiar new look is its familiar new functionality. The new capture button gives people

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Bing Visual Search lets you search specific objects within images

Bing is expanding its image search toolset with a new product that lets users search for specific items shown within a larger image.
They’re calling it Bing Visual Search, and it’s available now as part of the Bing’s existing image search tools. It’s pretty simple to use and pretty impressive, too.
In my first sample search, I queried Bing for landscape ideas and chose a photo that showed dozens of different plants and bushes in someone’s backyard. On the individual image screen, a small magnifying glass appeared in the upper left — clicking that launched the new visual search tool that let me pinpoint one specific plant from the dozens available. And after I did that, Bing identified my chosen plant as a snapdragon (I’m no green thumb, so can only assume that’s correct) and showed me a new set of search results just for this one plant from the original photo.

My results were a bit mixed when doing

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